Sunday, September 7, 2014

*****My Review*****Texas Twist*****Author Cynthia D'Alba

This is the 4th book in The Texas Montgomery Series. It can be read as a Stand Alone novel. I have been lucky enough to read and enjoy the previous books in this series. Ms D'Alba has written another book that grabs hold of your attention and won't let it go until you've finished the book. The Hero is Cash Montgomery once the biggest thing in the PBR and Paige Ryan,she grew up in the Rodeo world had that teenage crush on Cage a few years older. Paige's parents are killed so Paige goes off to college to study nursing then moves to Whisperings Texas to be near her brother Leo... all the family she has left. Cash injured and not able to go back to the rodeo, also goes home to Whispering Springs. Cash finds drowning himself in the bottom of a bottle the best way to deal with his problems! Both end up in the same house without knowing the other is there. Add in a crazy cat a found puppy the undeniable chemistry, steamy love scenes, and learning to trust it all comes together to make a great read.

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